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Cookies are the best dessert for parties!

I was an event planner for 12 years, and I was lucky enough to plan fabulous parties all over the world. I was always behind-the-scenes on the big day, scurrying around to ensure every detail went smoothly, so guests could enjoy themselves without a care.

When I purchased my house, I misjudged something extremely important about entertaining in your own home: your guests actually want to spend time with you. I was no longer the event planner but the host, and my demeanor sets the tone for my guests. If I am visibly stressed because dinner isn't ready when I planned or I forgot to buy grandmom's favorite wine, my guests aren't going to feel relaxed and comfortable in my home. I quickly learned the importance of having as many details prepared in advance as possible, so I can focus on the purpose of the party: enjoying time together with my guests. 

The stress of throwing a party in your home can be overwhelming, which is why my professional opinion is that cookies are the perfect dessert for entertaining. (Maybe that’s why I love them so much!) Let me count the ways: 

Attribute No. 1: Portability!

Cookies are perfect for a party where people will be moving around a lot—summer BBQs, pool parties, and graduation parties come to mind! When you have yard games in full swing and a dance party starting, cookies are an easy grab-and-go dessert. There’s no need for utensils or plates with cookies!

Attribute No. 2: Ease!

The Bonnie Bakeshop cookies are perfect at room temperature, so the fridge has plenty of room for drinks, burgers, salads, and condiments. There’s no need for cutting or obligatory singing and guests can easily serve themselves. If you’re contributing to a potluck, your host will be impressed by the beautiful packaging and grateful that all they need to do is lift a lid. Plus, I’m one of the only specialty bakeries that delivers in Cherry Hill, NJ. Let me deliver the cookies straight to your door!

Attribute No. 3: Variety! 

Gourmet cookie assortments offer variety. On one side of my family, with a non-chocolate eater, nut allergies, non-drinkers, and three grandkids, family parties often have several desserts so that everyone can enjoy a sweet treat. With a cookie assortment, there’s no need. Everyone can find a flavor they enjoy (or more than one!)

While you’re enjoying the ease and versatility, you don’t want to sacrifice flavor or quality! And you don’t have to with a gourmet cookie assortment from The Bonnie Bakeshop. I write every recipe myself, and every cookie is unique, using ingredients and techniques that bring out the best in every flavor. Leave the children's desserts that are plain and sickeningly sweet on the grocery store shelves, and purchase a handmade, lovingly crafted dessert that will impress and excite everyone at your party.

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