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Meet bonnie

A Woman Obsessed with Cookies

My Story

Like so many small businesses based on a passion,

The Bonnie Bakeshop has been literally years in the making.


I've been baking cookie trays as a hobby since 2006. Things progressed slowly as cookie trays for annual parties turned to elaborate holiday gifts that were encouraged by family, friends, and colleagues. I started to tweak the published recipes I was using, which inspired me to take a 20-week pastry course and learn to write my own recipes from scratch.

Still, as a woman with fibromyalgia and chronic migraines, there were countless barriers to selling my own creations, not least of which was renting an expensive commercial kitchen. But in October 2021, New Jersey was the final state in the country to open applications for Cottage Food Operator licenses.

IMG_20161224_133721 (1).jpg

NJ Cottage Food Operators must take a food safety course and pass the final exam in order to sell baked goods made in their home kitchen.

With this new license, I've been able to create an accessible space within my home that meets food safety standards while allowing me to accommodate my symptoms. This simple rule change made what seemed impossible for years a reality.

I could not be more thrilled to share my cookies with you!

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