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Flavor First

“Flavor first” is the goal behind every one of The Bonnie Bakeshop’s decadent gourmet cookies.

Every cookie dough is unique to ensure its flavor is the star, supported by every ingredient and every step.

Created in small batches, the details of each recipe can be tested and obsessed over for the best cookie possible.

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My Graham Cracker Crust Cookies emulate the best bite of a slice of pie: that thick slab of crust that you've wisely saved for last.

First, the flour is toasted deeply, creating that twice-baked flavor we love from a Graham Cracker Crust. Then I add copious amounts of pure Madagascar vanilla and dark brown sugar to honor the unique dark and malty flavor of a Graham Cracker.


Enjoy the best part of a pie in a convenient, hand-held cookie.

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A perfect gift: beautifully displayed and packaged with care, delicious cookies are delivered with a warm smile from Bonnie herself.

The Bonnie Bakeshop is one of the only bakeries in South Jersey that delivers, making it easy to send cookie gifts to loved ones or professional contacts. 

To complete the gifting experience, included in every order is a free, customizable greeting card where you can completely personalize the front greeting and inside message. 

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The Bonnie Bakeshop is located in
Cherry Hill, NJ, in the heart of South Jersey.

woman-owned and


your money stays local

by supporting an

independent cookie bakery.

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All Club members need to do is 1) reply to the email first, 2) pick-up the cookies at The Bonnie Bakeshop and 3) fill out a short survey about the test cookies.

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